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Welcome to Leow Lea Fang's virtual gallery

Series II

This group of handbuilt pieces were made for the Ceramitivity 2002 exhibition . Using brown raku clay body and gas-fired to ~1280 degree Celsius at the Center for the Arts Pottery Studio, National University of Singapore. Period Jan-Apr 2002.

Vase I
Hand Coiled. Stoneware.
H32cm x D18cm.

Vase II
Hand Coiled. Stoneware.
H33cm x D14cm.

Family Series
The sculptured fishes can be installed with the lips pointing towards each other, as if they were talking to each other or in an opposing fashion referring to their refusal to communicate.

Family I
Sculptured. Stoneware.

Family II
Sculptured. Stoneware.

Family III
Sculptured. Stoneware.

The pictures were taken with a Prolink DC1316 digital cam.
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